The combination of our own contacts and the North Sea Group members and their contacts provides us with a powerful network that can be used for the benefit of our clients.

A significant proportion of the firm's commercial work involves parties or assets in other jurisdictions. As a result we are accustomed to dealing with cases and transactions abroad. Almost invariably, in these circumstances our recommendation is to seek appropriate local advice, no matter how straightforward the issue may appear to be at first.

Over the years, we have established contacts with lawyers and legal firms in many cities and towns throughout the world. We are members of the North Sea Group of Lawyers and this gives us direct access to experienced commercial lawyers in a number of countries of Western Europe.

North Sea Group

The North Sea Group of Lawyers is an association of independent European commercial and shipping law firms. There are member firms in each of the following jurisdictions: Belgium, Denmark, England, Germany, the Netherlands and Scotland. The Group was founded in 1992.

The main function of the Group is the provision of local, practical, commercial legal advice and assistance. This gives us direct access to experienced commercial lawyers in each country. Instead of choosing arbitrarily from a list of names, we can speak directly to our contacts in the member firms.

The principal contacts in each firm are people whom we now know well. This means it is much easier to explain the nature of the matter on which we seek advice and, more importantly, the manner in which we (and our clients) require it to be handled.

The Group consists of six firms, 15 offices, 200 lawyers and a total staff of 500. The largest cities in which the Group operates are: Brussels, Hamburg, Bremen, Aberdeen, Esbjerg and Ipswich.