Court & Litigation

Our Court & Litigation Department can deal with a wide range of court and litigation work, including:

  • Commercial Litigation - including all types of contract disputes, intellectual property problems and commercial debt recovery
  • Personal Injury Claims - including road traffic and workplace related injury claims
  • Employment - including unfair dismissal, compromise agreements and employment tribunal hearings
  • Liquor Licensing - preparation for and attendance at Licensing Board Hearings for new and existing licenses
  • Family Law - including divorce and relative financial claims

At Peterkins, we believe that we have a different approach. We seek to advise every client at the outset of both the strengths and weaknesses of the case and in every situation we will try to resolve matters without resort to court action.

Where court action is necessary, we will vigorously prosecute your case and shall keep you advised on your prospects as the action progresses. At Peterkins we seek to be proactive, that is to anticipate situations in advance rather than simply reacting to events as they occur.